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Coaching Ausbildung Checkliste

Checklist for choosing your coaching training institute.

The number of companies which offers business coach training offers is enormous. This makes it all the more important to have a set of practice-based criteria that help you find the most professional coaching training possible. The following suggestions have proven to be useful:

  • Is the training institute certified by one of the three major Coaching federations? (dvct, DBVC, ICF)

  • Ask for references from a training institute and talk to former participants
  • What are the trainers' qualifications? Check whether they are acting as business coaches - to what extent, type of participants, and in which environment. Good trainers are also constantly developing their own skills, to ensure they are not stalling.

  • Find out about the size of the training groups and the number of trainers (not assistants!) who continuously accompany the training in person. If groups are too small coaching exercises soon become boring.

  • Find out how long the training institute has been on the market and whether the training was only developed in the years of the coaching boom. A reputable coaching school has by conviction already focused on coaching before that time.

  • How many of the coaching training offered by the Institute have actually been conducted in recent years? Another important aspect is those good trainers receive solid experience only through many years of personal experience in business coaching and coaching training.

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