Solution-oriented approach: Full speed ahead.

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Coachingansatz lösungsorientiert

It is not the problem that is interesting, but rather the solution.

In order to solve a problem, it is usually of little use to investigate its cause even after long discussions and the reasons have surfaced, the solution is still missing. Apart from that: Who knows for sure what the real cause is? This is where the solution-oriented approach comes into play.

In this approach, you as a coach consciously refrain from tediously analyzing the client's problem history. Instead, based on the model of solution-focused consulting according to Steve DeShazer, the coaching session focuses on the positive, on the goal and on the future. This approach effects a shift in the desired direction much easier. At the same time, it is an expression of the basic attitude in coaching that the client is capable of finding the solution to his or her own problem with the help of the coach.

The systemic approach takes into account that each client is always part of a system - for example a department or a company.

The constructivist approach ensures that the client's individual world view is given due space to develop new perspectives.


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