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In coaching we look at the whole system.

Within the framework of the systemic approach, you as coach not only look at your client, but also take into account his social environment - in other words: you look at the system he is in.

In most cases, the thinking and behaviour of a client and the behaviour of colleagues, superiors, friends or family members influence each other.

In order to achieve truly sustainable and lasting success in coaching, it is essential to therefore consider the client's entire personal system.

This is the only way to create truly effective solutions, an approach that takes the system into account. As a systemic coach, you have various methods at your disposal to make your client's personal system transparent. This enables you to stimulate other perspectives - for example, the attitude "because my boss does not promote me, I am not motivated" becomes "because I am not motivated, my boss does not promote me". Generally, this kind of attitude change already results in a variety of new options.

The solution-oriented approach supports a coaching process that works towards a solution or positive change.

The constructivist approach ensures that the client's individual world view is given due space to develop new perspectives.


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