Level 3: ISBC Advanced Course (11 days)

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In the advanced course, you will train and deepen your skills in conducting a successful coaching process through all phases. You will also learn criteria to evaluate coaching. This means that you have almost reached the finish line towards becoming a professional business coach.

By successfully passing the final theoretical examination, you already fulfill another important requirement for your subsequent certification as an International Systemic Business Coach (ISBC).

The ISBC Advanced Course is divided into three modules, each lasting three days, supplemented by two days of practical supervision.

Your benefit:
After completing the ISBC Advanced Course, you will be well equipped for demanding coaching tasks. Thanks to numerous practical units, you already have considerable coaching experience of your own. You know your particular strengths as a business coach and are well prepared for your certification.

Participation in the ISBC Core Curriculum

The certification course in detail

AC1: Challenge Coaching (3 days)

In order for your client to develop his or her full potential, you as a coach must challenge and shake him or her up sometimes. Effective coaching must therefore be "challenging" at times. The first block of the certification course focuses on how you can do this effectively and still maintain a good relationship with your client. You will also learn how to use the model of the "Inner Team" to visualize the inner dialog of your client, for example to resolve inner conflicts.

In detail:

  • Elements of challenging coaching conversations
  • Questions and interventions to get your client out of the comfort zone
  • Being authentic as a coach
  • Identifying the client's "Inner Team" and working with it
  • The specifics of telephone and virtual coaching

AC2: Coaching across Cultures (3 days)

Our clients operate in international settings and are faced with the challenges of working and managing cross-culturally – both on an individual, professional and an organizational level. You as coach will probably be working with clients from different cultural backgrounds.  In this second block of the certification course you will learn to recognize and integrate the impact of cultural differences both into the coaching relationship and into the topics and questions your clients want to address in the coaching sessions.  

In detail:

  • What is culture? Models of culture
  • Cultural dimensions and their practical implication
  • The impact of cultural differences on coaching
  • Supporting your clients to recognize and bridge the cultural gap

Practice Supervision (1 day)

In a one-day practical supervision exercise, you will have another opportunity to present a current case from one of your practice coaching sessions. This is an integral part of the training and precedes blocks AC2 and AC3.

AC3: Final Rehearsal and Practice, Personality Assessments in Coaching, specifics of team coaching, practical concepts (3 days)

In the third block of the ISBC Advanced Course, you practice a complete coaching session under assessment conditions. The feedback you will receive completes your level of competence to pass your certification. You will also expand your repertoire of coaching methods by working with current personality tests. A practical overview of how to apply the acquired skills and techniques in working with teams round off this module.

As soon as you have passed the theoretical final exam, as part of AC3, you will meet all requirements for the subsequent certification as an International Systemic Business Coach (ISBC).

In detail:

  • Working with personality tests
  • Coaching practice rehearsal under assessment conditions with detailed feedback
  • Final theoretical examination
  • Special features of team coaching, effective concepts through practice

Practice supervision (1 day)

In a one-day practical supervision exercise, you will have the opportunity to present a current case from one of your practice coaching sessions. This is an integral part of the training.

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