Coaching Essentials
(3 days)

In today’s world of ever-increasing complexity, it’s not always possible to rely solely on our expertise to assist others. However, we can play a crucial role in guiding their thought process and helping them find their own ideas and solutions. If your role involves making others successful, then having strong coaching skills is essential.

We would like to introduce you to our 3-day onsite course on Coaching Essentials. This highly interactive program will teach you the fundamentals of systemic business coaching. You will have the opportunity to experience the power of coaching through practical exercises and develop essential skills to conduct effective coaching conversations.

Your personal benefit:

By completing this course, you will be equipped with the tools to support others in addressing complex challenges professionally. Moreover, you will gain a deeper understanding of how coaching can enhance your daily interactions with others.

For those who wish to pursue further coaching training, we offer the core curriculum for the Certified Systemic Business Coach (SBC) after completion of this course. This is your chance to learn from the best and master the art of business coaching.

The course in overview:

In this course of Coaching Essentials, you will become familiar with the Munich Academy’s coaching model and learn how to think systemically. You will practice important skills for successful business coaching and discover the benefits of this approach for yourself.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to develop your coaching skills and support others in their growth and success.

In detail:

  • Get a clear understanding of professional coaching
  • Models and principles underlying systemic business coaching
  • Understand the core mindset of successful coaches
  • Discover important skills of a systemic business coach
  • Learn how and apply various coaching tools
  • Get an awareness of systemic connections and interactions
  • Establishing a professional coaching relation
  • Learn to structure a helpful coaching conversation

The next events

If you are interested in our coaching training in english, please contact us directly.

For questions regarding the international version of our coaching training, please contact Becca Burrola.

Becca Burrola

Becca Burrola