The Munich Academy for Business Coaching

…is one of the leading companies for business coaches training. In our multi-part Systemic Business Coach (SBC)® training courses you will learn effective, field-tested coaching methods and their targeted application.

Experienced trainers guide you through the entire process. As our trainers are also internationally experienced business coaches, they know the reality of the coaching profession particularly well.

Coaching Essentials in English
… for Leaders
… for HR-Specialists
… for Agile Coaches
… for all who are looking for a fundamental coaching 

Member of the dvct (German Association for Coaching and Training)

dvct – German Association for Coaching and Training. After completing your training and passing an exam, you will receive your certificate as a Systemic Business Coach (SBC)®. The training consists of at least 150 hours and accepted as a training certificate for membership in the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct).

Ausbildungsinstitut für Coaching im dvct

In passing the Munich academy exam you can simultaneously acquire the certificate of the German Association for Coaching and Training.  With it, you have the best prerequisites for a successful entry into one of the most exciting professions of the 21st century.

For questions regarding the international version of our coaching training. please write to Becca Burrola.

Becca Burrola

Becca Burrola